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Back to School Prayer

Click on the document below to print a page to help you to pray for our preschool leadership and staff by name as school starts this week and throughout the year:

Preschool back-to-school insert
Download PDF • 813KB

A Prayer for Educators, Parents, and Students

All Holy, Loving, and Compassionate God,

We bring the administrators, principles, professors, teachers, school secretaries, the support staff, and the maintenance staff of our schools and universities before you. Grant them an abundance of Your wisdom. Prepare their hearts to welcome and love our loved ones, and may we make sure to show them love and respect in return. Give them grace as they help students who aren’t thriving, the courage to say what needs to be said, tools and knowledge on how and when to speak love, and strength when they feel weak. When they feel unseen, remind them that no moment goes unnoticed. They are shaping the future in one million small, yet incredibly important, ways every day. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the gift of learning they share with our children. Bless them, Lord, and may they see even just a glimpse of how their faithfulness will forever impact generations to come.

We also bring our parents, guardians, and caregivers of our students before you. They are faced with so many challenges and obstacles and they have to make decisions that require your wisdom, understanding and insight. When they feel overwhelmed, grant them your peace that surpasses all of their understanding. May they never feel alone or abandoned. May your Holy Spirit strengthen then from within, so that they will be a source of strength, confidence, encouragement, and hope for their children.

Finally, we pray for our students as the new school year begins, who will be educated online, at home, or in person in our schools. As they pursue their education, enlighten their minds. May they grow in grace and wisdom. In areas where this a lack, provide them knowledge, understanding, counsel, and fortitude. Keep them safe from all illnesses and protect them from all harm. Give them the courage and strength to tackle any challenge thrown at them this school year. May they know that their identity and worth is in You, not in their grades or extracurricular activities or even their successes/achievements.

We ask all these things through Christ, our Teacher. Amen.


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