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Someone once asked me, “What has it taken for you and Patti to be married for 36 years?” That’s when I lob one over the plate to be hit over the fence. I tell them, “Well, when we were married, I was told there were three words to say everyday and if I said those words, I would always have a happy marriage.” The three words? “You’re right dear!”

Some of us dodge situations and conversations when conflict knocks on our door. Why is that? Maybe we were raised to think that conflict is bad and something to be avoided at all costs. What about you? I think conflict is something that can generate or expose a greater good. It is when we are in conflict about things that we earnestly can search for a newer direction. Does this make sense?

Jesus said that the peacemakers are to be blessed and they will be called children of God. That says it right there, right? I think Jesus knew conflict would come, but he took it a step further and made it clear that we are not to remain in conflict but we are to move to become peacemakers. So, let me ask you point blank? Who is it you are in conflict with right now? The bigger question is, “What are you going to do to be a peacemaker?”


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