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Counseling Ministry Update

May 14 Counseling Center Fundraiser recap (from Dr. Peggy Reynolds):

  • Two of our church's youth shared their testimonies of recovery from mental health challenges, and afterward our Youth Director (Kaylee Bennett) and two of our counselors (Dr. Dave Cubito and Dr. Lauren Smith) met with the youth group in a workshop just for them.

  • Dr. Peggy Reynolds and three other professionals from the community spoke about ways to improve mental health for individuals and families. Two speakers highlighted Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and a speaker from a treatment center spoke about hope in substance abuse recovery.

  • 10 informational tables were hosted by community agencies and a few of our church's care ministries.

  • It was an information-packed afternoon with opportunities for fellowship and Chad's famous cookies!

The clients that receive access to mental health services through the William A. Smalling Scholarship frequently express heartfelt gratitude that the church was there for them when they were in crisis. A few have turned their lives around so that they could later make their own contributions to the Scholarship Fund.

Our Counselors are grateful for the support of the Scholarship Fund which, in addition to their own Pro Bono services, helps clients who qualify for these services.


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