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Join our Visitation Team!

Did you know about our Visitation Team here at St Pete First? We have nearly 40 church members who are homebound and cannot make it to in-person Sunday morning worship or the other events happening at St Pete First, but they are still very much a part of our church family.

We want our homebound members to still feel connected with the church, so this is where our visitation team members play a crucial role in caring for and connecting with these individuals. Each member of the visitation team is assigned one to several homebound member(s) and are responsible for visiting their assigned homebound member(s) monthly. During each visit, the visitation team member will have a meaningful conversation with the homebound member, will serve him/her communion, and will pray together.

Because there are so many homebound members, the Visitation Team is always looking for more people to become a part of the team so that every homebound member is assigned to someone on the Visitation Team. If you would like to be a part of this awesome team, please contact Pastor Margaret and she will get you connected with this ministry.


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