Looking to the Future


I am filled with a great sense of gratitude for the welcome that I have received these first few days as the Interim Pastor of First United Methodist Church of St. Petersburg, Florida. The members, the staff, and the volunteers have all reached out and welcomed me with open arms I thank you for your kindness and the love that reflects so much of the

person of Jesus Christ.

I have discovered again the greatness of this church. It has such a rich heritage and a record of faithful servanthood and mission. I love the sense of family history that has been passed from generation to generation by so many in this church. I also am convinced that the Lord

has something great for this church and I look at the future with an excitement because of that vision. I do not know what the future holds, but I do know Who holds the future, and He has something good for us to do. He will part the waters and we shall walk on the dry land.


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