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Ministry Fair on November 12th


Soon we will be having our Ministry Fair! For those of you who may not be familiar with it, this is a focused time on the ministries we offer here at St. Pete First and an opportunity for you to learn more and plug in. Some discover places to serve at ministry fairs, while others discover so much more of the opportunities the church offers. On November 12 we will have ONE (say “ONE” out loud) worship service that Sunday at 10AM. Prior to worship, from 9am-10am, and then afterwards from 11am-12pm you will have time to sign up and learn more about several ministries that pique your interest and make you want to learn more. During these times, you will meet with ministry leaders, hear some words about what makes each ministry special, and perhaps sign up to be a new helper and begin serving in the next couple of weeks.

Our special worship service will be at 10am in the sanctuary. This will include a blend of our choir/organ, hymns, and praise team songs.

Why are we offering a Ministry Fair? The Scriptures are clear in John 13 we are all called to serve God’s mission and purpose through the church, and we are all created to personally serve in a ministry role. Come join us on this very special Sunday as we worship and explore ways to connect with ministries in our church.

— Pastor Bob


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