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Sabbath- Establishing Rhythms of Work and Rest


There’s one area of worship that I think a lot of us struggle with, especially in our American culture that emphasizes having a busy and hectic schedule. That area of worship is called Sabbath. Sabbath comes from the Hebrew word shabbat, which comes from the root Shin-Bet-Tav, meaning “to cease, to end, or to rest.” Now, Sabbath is so much more than just ceasing from our work; Sabbath invites us to cease from our work so that we can remember God’s work. The very first thing called holy in the Bible is Sabbath, the seventh day where God ceases His creation work. God first rested from His work so that He could celebrate the work that had already been accomplished: bringing order to chaos. Jesus celebrated the Sabbath often in the Gospels by bringing restoration: Jesus healed a man with a withered hand, a man born blind, and a crippled woman, just to name a few. All these restorations occurred on the Sabbath day because Sabbath is not only ceasing from work, but it is also a celebration of restoration. We celebrate the ultimate restoration on Easter Sunday, the day where Jesus restored our broken relationship with God the Father by conquering the grave. Therefore, true Sabbath is not only about resting and ceasing from work, it is also very much a celebration of God’s redemptive, healing power in our lives. True Sabbath is realized in the work done by Jesus Christ for us.

— Pastor Marge


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