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St Pete First - the Heart of our City


One of the things that made me fall in love with this church is our focus on the city of St. Petersburg. I truly believe our church to be one that in ministry and mission we want to see positive changes in our community. Whether it be our outreach and providing food for those who are challenged to find a meal each day to offering camps and connection points for kids and youth all year long, we are making a difference. Someone once said it takes a village to make things happen. I interpret that statement as one saying with people working together things can really happen for the good. I want to stretch that statement because I think a village of people working together is meaningful, but for me, it takes one more thing to make it authentic and true: it takes heart! I love St. Pete First United Methodist Church because we have that kind of heart. Not only the heart to lead people to the love and grace of Jesus Christ but the love for our city and everyone who lives here. That is why I believe St Pete First United Methodist Church is the “heart of the city!”

— Pastor Bob


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