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Week two of Lent is an important one as we have begun the journey to the cross. It’s a time to continue the reflection of what’s going on inside of us and to seek God’s guidance and presence to handle whatever is happening. One of the things I realize is we all have a need for strength (not only this season but all year long). Oftentimes, it falls on our own shoulders and let me just say, depending on what’s on your plate, it can seem daunting. All throughout the Scriptures we are reminded that no matter how much we may try, we just can’t do life on our own. Strength gets sapped, pressures build and quite often we can feel overwhelmed. Jesus said something that helps us get through. He said, “Come to me…when you are burdened…pressured, feeling the weightiness of life, and I will give you rest.” I love that Jesus knows we need to hear that; there is nothing too big or even too small He can’t handle. Reminding ourselves of this truth is another thing, though. For most, I think we believe those words but then we fall off the path trying to handle life in our own strength. Isaiah also reminds us that where we are weak, God is strong. Let’s remember this truth and the Good News is, it’s not just a one shot deal…His love and faithfulness come every day and endure forever!



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