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Volunteer Spotlight: Karen Wilber

What is your “title” as a volunteer?

1. Confirmation Class teacher

2. Bell choir member

Describe your duties as a volunteer.

Confirmation Class teacher: Plan lessons and prepare materials. Plan with KayLee during the summer. Teach Confirmation curriculum to 8th grade (and up) on Sundays during the school year.

Bell choir member: Handbell practice on Sunday afternoons. Ring with choir every few weeks during the school year.

What makes you want to give back to the church in a volunteer capacity?

Volunteers in the church I grew up in had a big impact on my life. My parents and their friends volunteered with the children’s and youth ministry and fellowship committees. Most of the women in my family are or have been handbell ringers. They were always giving back out of their talents and love of God. So that type of service was just normal and fun. Volunteering is one of the ways I live out my faith.

How has volunteering at St Pete First helped you connect within the church?

I’ve been able to work with an amazing and fun group of people who have invested heavily in serving children and making beautiful music.

What do you find rewarding about your volunteer work at St. Pete First?

Teaching teenagers can be a difficult and thankless job. We’re planting seeds we may never see harvested. So you really have to be in it to serve God. It’s rewarding to see former Confirmands step up to serve at church and share their faith in ways that are visible or behind the scenes. We have some amazing youth here who love Jesus and want to grow closer to God.

Has there been a special time that comes to mind when you have felt God's presence when volunteering?

I’ve felt God’s presence in the quiet, reflective moments on youth retreats or Sunday mornings. But also in the fun moments where everyone is laughing and enjoying fellowship together. Christian life is abundant with joy.

How long have you been volunteering at St. Pete First? How has your volunteer journey changed over time?

We’ve been here since Father’s Day 2007 when we visited from another local church. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t volunteering with something. I used to be put in charge of committees and events and that was incredibly stressful for me. I’m much happier volunteering to teach or doing something with music or arts.

What is your favorite worship song or hymn?

Great is Thy Faithfulness

What is your favorite candy?

Dark chocolate paired with anything (coconut - Mounds, mint, caramel, more chocolate)

What is something about yourself you can share that many people don't know?

I was trained as a storyteller and used to do that before I had children. Once upon a time I could tell a lot of folk and Biblical stories, including the entire book of Ruth from memory.

What is your favorite thing about our church?

Faithful Biblical teaching and witness - whether from the pulpit, the Sunday School classroom, or the choir.

Thank you, Karen, for everything you do!


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