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Lenten Devotional: February 20, 2024

by Craig Wills, Facilities Director 

I admit, I do struggle with prioritizing. I try to do what I think is most important, but some days I get so caught up in the little details of the day: the lost keys, the air conditioner, the fax machine that is malfunctioning, the toilets that aren’t working, etc. Some days, there are so many little interruptions throughout my day that I don’t get anything checked off my to-do list. Retrospectively, most days I am truly surprised with all of the things that have been fixed, found, built and put back together. Of course, there will always be things that don’t run smoothly and need more attention. The interactions that occur throughout the day (whether planned or not) are my opportunities to let God work through me, and sometimes I don’t do a great job of paying attention to how God is working and moving in my life. I find myself thinking about other tasks or being distracted while interacting with others. But God is always there. He shows up and works through so many different situations, despite my lack of focus. He makes complicated things simple and shows solutions when I just can’t find them on my own.

God shows up when we need Him. I don’t ever expect God to be concerned with the trivial details of my day. I feel as though He shows up and surprises me a lot more than I deserve.

Read Proverbs 16:3: “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”

Challenging thought: Look for God in your plans. Is He with you in the details? Are you seeing God in the details? Or are you too caught up or distracted to see what He is showing you?


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