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Lenten Devotional: March 22, 2024

by Nancy Gainor

Praiseworthy Corridor

Straddled atop a donkey,

Jesus can hear the chorus

of praise in the distance.

He understands their

misguided worship

for a conquering Messiah,

He knows the course

of events that lie ahead,

and they are not

what his followers

anticipate. Brillant blue

skies and a penetrating sun

form a backdrop for this

hallelujah celebration.

Yet today, instead

of a white horse, as

predicted by the rabbis,

the beloved Jesus

rides a common colt.

Gingerly, the animal

treads across palms

and cloaks strewn

upon the road as a

symbol of reverence.

Gazing at their adoring

faces with love, Jesus

knows His time with them

will be cut short. However,

on this commemorative

corridor of admiration,

Jesus perceives that one

day this shepherd will

indeed, return and collect

His sheep on a stallion

befitting as king-for

He is the King of Kings.

This Lenton season reflect upon the holiness of our King of Kings and the sacrifice He made because of His great love for you.


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