Meet the Pastor - Rev. Riley Short

Rev. Riley Short has joined us as our Interim Pastor for the remainder of 2021. We are excited to have him! Since his retirement, Pastor Riley has served as Interim Pastor for ten other

churches before arriving at St. Pete First. Earlier in life, Pastor Riley was raised in the parsonage. He went to high school in Jacksonville and Nashville before earning his BA at Vanderbilt and his MDiv at Emory. Before retiring, his appointments included one in North Georgia, two in the Holston Conference, two in the Tennessee Conference, and four in Florida (including Associate at Christ UMC St. Pete right down the street). His Interim appointments have all been in Florida as well. He also taught Homiletics at Asbury Theological Seminary in Orlando for 3-1/2 years.

Riley’s first wife, Claire, passed away 12 years ago. They have four children: Sally, Phillip, Hunter, and Susan. He is now married to Patty, and has three step-children: Jason, Julie, and Jill.

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