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Lenten Devotional: February 27, 2024

by Nancy Gainor

Lighten the Load

The weight of the

heavy cross crushes

His already bruised

shoulder. Hunched

forward, His hands

grip the splintered

lumber that would

soon hold His body.

Sweat and blood

drip from His brow.

Shooting pain radiates

throughout a beaten

torso. Jesus inhales

a breath of courage

to forge the path ahead

leading to the Place of

the Skull, Golgotha.

He knows the torture

that awaits on that hill

of death. With every

faltering step, a whip

snaps and stings the

already ravaged body.

Crumbling to the ground,

He can go no further.

A passerby, Simon of

Cyrene, is ordered to

carry the cross. Tall

and muscular, the

healthy foreigner

hoists the death

chamber and easily

completes the journey.

Christ comes alongside

you and me. He carries

our burden and enables

us to complete our

faith venture successfully.

Emmanuel: God is with us.


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