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Lenten Devotional: March 14, 2023

A Lenten Prayer

by Rayne Gardner

Dear God,

Please open our hearts and prepare them for you. Allow our hearts and minds to remain focused on you at all times. Prepare our hearts to accept the love that you have for us.

Please open our eyes so that we can see you. Help us to see you in everything throughout our day. Not only will you help us to look for you, but allow us to be the medium for your work. Allow us to be the ways that others see you in their day.

Please help us to place our full trust in you. Although situations may not always go the exact way that we want them to, help us to understand and accept the fact that you are our path maker and know what is best for us.

Throughout this Lenten season, help us to remember your ultimate sacrifice for us - the sacrifice of your one and only son, Jesus. This sacrifice was the ultimate demonstration of Your love for us.

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